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With rising urban noise levels, standards of living and awareness of noise comfort and its implications on personal performance and well-being, acoustics and noise isolation is highly in demand in Singapore.

Enter the challenge: Soundproof windows and doors are completely different from regular windows and doors in their design, materials and precision required in the manufacturing and installation process.

Being professionals dedicated to this cause (soundproof windows & soundproof doors), we and our partners understand this very well, and have spared no expense in developing our training and processes to ensure every step of the soundproofing work from beginning to end is of the best standard required to achieve our soundproof windows & doors performance targets, be it in acoustic isolation, solar heat rejection or weatherproofing.

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Detailed Engineering Plan

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Approved by professionals

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Furniture Protection

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Assembled in Singapore

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Soundproof Windows Use Cases
Soundproof Windows Use Cases




Noise Plaster provides quality soundproofing work for all HDB residents for a peaceful housing. We are able to reduce neighbourhood noises from major roads, MRT, noisy coffeeshop or even chickens cluck.




We are able to provide quality and sleek products to match your Condo while providing you a quiet and peaceful home. Soundproof your home from noisy fountain, traffic noises or even fighter planes flying by with Noise Plaster.​



Our premium solution from Aluk provides you a sleek and exquisite touch to your home while providing the best soundproofing in the market. Say no more to noise neighs or cars in the neighbour. ​

Home Theatre


Home Theatre

We share a great passion in music, and understand that it is more than just sound, but the perfect balance of frequencies and resonances. We are able to tackle the acoustic and noise issues for the best home theatre experience.​




Noise Plaster provides quality soundproofing work for all commercial buildings and offices to provide a conducive environment for work. We are able to soundproof meeting rooms from traffic noises and human chattering.




Human chatting, traffic noises or even MRT noises affecting classes? With Noise Plaster’s soundproof windows and doors, these noise issue can be solved, providing your students a condusive environment to learn.

Place of Worship


Place of Worship

Remove all noise distractions for a peaceful and quiet environment for prayers. With Noise Plaster’s soundproof windows and doors, worshipers will be able to have more fulfilling encounters.

Retail, F&B


Retail, F&B

Looking to create a quiet environment for diners and shoppers? Or trying to reduce noises beside a night club? We got you covered, with Noise Plaster’s soundproof windows, diners and shoppers can dine and shop with peace.


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