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At Noise Plaster, we hope to re-define regular residential and commercial windows and doors to provide soundproofing quality to cater to the increasing noise around the World.

A research by the World Health Organisation suggest that long term exposure to sound above 55db will trigger elevated blood pressure and heart attacks; and the recommended night exposure noise should be below 40dB. However, in Singapore, the average noise has been increasing rapidly. In 2019, the average noise level is 69.4dB, triple the noise level as the compared to the 55dB limit for health implications and 8 times more noise than the 40dB recommended for night exposure.

Hence, we hope to be able to provide an essential solution for all residential and commercial establishments, in providing a conducive environment to sleep, work, and relax. 

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Noise Plaster is the leader in being the most innovative, progressive and reliable contractor to deliver noise protection & soundproofing solutions to the market. 

We carry extensive experience in supplying and installing high quality soundproof windows and doors to both residential and commercial establishments.  In addition, we are fully licensed by BCA to conduct windows installation work in HDB and other establishments.

Being professionals dedicated in helping Singaporeans soundproof their homes, we and our partners understand this very well, and have spared no expense in developing our training and processes to ensure every step of the work from beginning to end is of the best standard required to achieve our performance targets, be it in acoustic isolation, solar heat rejection or weatherproofing.

About the founder

Nicholas Quek ● Acoustic Consultancy Professional

Although being formally trained in the field of Computer Science, Nicholas decided to pursue his passion in building the finest recording studios, home theatres and hi-fi listening rooms. Over the course of his journey in acoustics consultancy, he discovered that there was a growing demand for aftermarket residential soundproofing solutions for windows and doors.

Understanding that the performance requirements for soundproof installation required a very different skillset from regular windows and doors, he knew the solution was to develop a training and management process to raise a team of skilled engineers and technicians to meet the demand of high performance soundproofing.

In addition to championing quality workmanship and business excellence in Noise Plaster, he has developed highly advanced digital management processes to automate the entire operational process from stocking, to order processing, quality management and delivery.

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